hi. I'm nicky. I'm a 16 year old floridian and I get angry a lot.

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I just got a 124% on the team quiz in math today.


Maxine Peake as Hamlet (Production Photos) - Credit [x]


Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman




I hate it when men make unsolicited comments about a woman’s body. Like “she’s got a nice shape but she needs to tighten up her stomach”

How about you tighten up your lips and never speak again you ignorant shit.

Wow maybe you need to accept constructive criticism jesus christ.

Men telling me (or any other woman) what I need to do for them to find me sexually attractive is not constructive criticism.


it’s a beautiful day to give me money


I can’t fall asleep unless my bedroom feels like Antarctica.


pretty girls with a messy bun and baggy shirts look hot as fuck but when i do it it’s like i’ve been doing drugs for 5 days straight



I want a story about a gay girl disguising herself as a guy to get into an all boy school. When she meets her roommate, he happens to have a banging personality and a very pleasing face. The girl has a sexuality crisis because she starts to fall for the roommate but in reality, the roommate is actually another girl disguised as a guy so that she can attend the school

#the entire school is just gay girls dressed as guys in hopes of attending the school (via buttergin)



family show my ass

no but seriously

there’s a brother who’s got his sister’s back


femininity is sooo intertwined w capitalism too like if you needed more proof that its not harmless. There are billion dollar industries built on making women feel like shit. And these companies are all owned by men. These men make money off us and then tell us we arent good enough so that they can make more money off us. 

you know that phrase “being a woman is expensive”? thats not an accident.

Favorite Songs

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” - Fall Out Boy

"I don’t blame you for being you but you can’t blame me for hating it"


Grace’s wardrobe combined into one shirt

link is agender pass it on


you can see his accent omfg